Depression and mental health effect on hand and upper limb conditions

The association between symptoms of depression and office visits in patients with nontraumatic upper-extremity illness. Crijns, T., Bernstein, D., Teunis, T., Gonzalez, R., Wilbur, D., Ring, D., & Hammert, W. Level of Evidence: 2b Follow recommendation: 👍 👍 👍 Type of study: Symptoms prevalence study Topic: Trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, benign lumps, hand osteoarthritis, and de Quervain tendinopathy association with depression - Mental health and number of outpatient visits This retrospective study assessed the association between the number of visits to an outpatient hand surgeons' clinic and levels of pain and depression. The patients presented with several different conditions including trigger finger (30%), carpal tunnel syndrome (27%), benign lumps (20%), hand osteoarthritis (13%), and de Quervain tendinopathy (9%). The results showed that people with greater depressive symptoms or pain attended the clinic for an additional 2 appointments compared to the rest of the sample. Unfortunately, due to the study design, we cannot comment on whether higher levels of depression/pain lead to greater disease severity and therefore higher number of visit or vice versa. Clinical Take Home Message: Hand therapists could support patients with depression by providing information about free help lines. In addition, a referral to the GP or psychologist could be useful to initiate treatment for this condition. It is also possible that improvements in hand condition will lead to reduction in symptoms of depression. Further research will need to clarify this last point. URL:


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