Diabetic clients are at much higher risk of amputation following a washout procedure

Factors affecting suboptimal outcomes in hand infections. Botma, N., McGuire, D., Koller, I., & Solomons, M. (2020) Level of Evidence: 4 Follow recommendation: 👍 👍 Type of study: Prognostic Topic: Revision surgery following infection – Diabetes This is a non-peer reviewed prospective study assessing the risk factors for the development of complications following a hand washout procedure. A total of 674 participants diagnosed with a hand infection were included in the study. The results showed that being diabetic increased the risk of a second infection by at least twofold. In people with diabetes, delayed presentation to ED (i.e. more than 1 week) increased the odds of amputation due to sepsis by 6 times. Disclaimer: This publication was reviewed and assessed by one reviewer only and it reflects their interpretation. Readers should come to their own conclusions by reading the original article. Clinical Take Home Message: Based on what we know today, diabetes is a risk factor for the development of a secondary infection following a washout procedure. A prompt referral to ED is warranted given the substantial risk of sepsis and potential amputation in clients with diabetes. This synopsis is a nice addition to a previous synopsis on risk factors for hand infection. URL: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/1753193420977791 Available through EBSCO Health Databases if you have access (PNZ) No abstract available.