Mental health and recovery after carpal tunnel release

The relationship of mental health status to functional outcome and satisfaction after carpal tunnel release Maempel, J., Jenkins, P., & McEachan, J. Level of Evidence: 4 Follow recommendation: 👍 👍 👍 Type of study: Prognostic Topic: Carpal tunnel syndrome (CT) and mental health - Outcomes before and after surgical intervention This is a prospective cohort study assessing the relationship between mental health and outcomes following surgery for CT. The results are to be considered in the context of a few limitations. Of the entire cohort, only 52% of the participants returned the Short Form-12 (SF-12), used to assess mental health. In addition, SF-12 scores were only collected at one-year post surgery, which defeats the point of a prospective cohort study. The results show a correlation between mental health status and patient reported satisfaction at one year after surgery. There was also a statistically, but not clinically significant difference in QuickDASH scores of patients presenting with mental health problems compared to healthy patients at one year follow up. This correlation might be due to worse mental health state leading to lower function or vice versa. It is also possible that a third unknown variable, not measured in the present study, mediated this association. Clinical Take Home Message: Hand therapists should keep in mind that functional recovery of patients undergoing surgery for CT may be worse if they present with poorer mental health. A multidisciplinary approach to treatment and rehabilitation may be effective in improving functional outcomes. URL: