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Curated synopses for your synapses

The efficient way to stay up to date on hand and upper limb conditions - Just read!

The purpose of HandyEvidence is to translate cutting edge science on diagnostic, therapeutic, prognostic, and preventative interventions into clear and understandable synopses.

Enjoy your free time, we will find and critique the relevant literature

- You will save 4-9 hours per week that would otherwise be spent looking for, and assessing research

- Break free from the effort of keeping up to date, with HandyEvidence it is simple and quick!

Mission Statement

The mission of HandyEvidence is to make research accessible to Hand Therapists.

"It often appears easiest and safest to follow traditional processes, but clinicians should continually reassess and challenge accepted decision-making and clearly define the objective for a proposed intervention." 

Johnson, N., H. Morris and J. Dias (2019)

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